Frequently Asked Questions -FAQ

We have gathered here the questions most frequently asked by our customers, by regrouping the emails of more than 45,000 different requests and improving it daily.

Which certificate should I order?

The certificate you need is not necessarily important, in fact, the brand will provide you with the certificate that corresponds to your situation. If the brand feels it needs more information about your request, you will be asked for this information, but usually this is not necessary. For this it is very simple we ask you what is the departure zone and the arrival zone for your certificate. Options are sometimes available such as DOM TOM certificates for example or modification certificates.

Who are you ?

We are initially a group of family concessions (24 concessions of 8 groups of brands, which covers all the global automotive groups), then we specialized in import and export customs procedures in the early 2000s. solid experience in practice and in many countries, we quickly offered this service (around 20 people) to professional and then private customers. The importance of the volumes of our concessions and the fact that we have branded dealerships (brand agents) means that we can offer cheaper prices and faster speed than what is seen elsewhere. You will easily confirm our professionalism in the fact that we offer you the possibility of specifying your situation (country of departure and country of arrival) which other providers do not do: it is our expertise which makes us the most reliable of the certificate industry.

When will I receive my certificate?

The date on which you will receive your certificate will be issued to you depends on two factors:

1- The printing time is the time indicated in the product sheet, at the top, for greater clarity: Express delivery 4-6 days

2- The delivery time is that indicated in the choice of the mode of transport.

Why do you offer the digital version of the certificates?

For some administrations, an original is not necessary. Sometimes it is necessary, but the digital version helps to prepare the procedure, and therefore saves time. Plus, scanning helps provide you with an extra high-resolution copy if you need it again in the future.

What types of certificates can I get?

Verry much !

The number of different certificates is very variable and depends on the country of departure and arrival. The most common are European certificates of conformity, red bars, certificates of origin, certificates of non-conformity and the certificate mention collection.

There are many others, and do not hesitate to ask us by email using the contact form.

What is the cost of a certificate?

The base price is indicated on the product sheet, and depending on the options you choose in the choices from the drop-down lists, the price will be updated when adding to the cart. Most often it will not change. Some brands are more expensive than others, it doesn't depend on us, the brand rebills you the price it sets for the certificate and pays us higher royalties when we sell cars (rear margin). This means that it does not cost you anything, and that it allows us to be better remunerated by the brands during the annual granting of bonuses to the dealerships. It's a win-win process for our customers and for our dealerships.

How many certificates do you make per month?

The activity of our service is slightly seasonal and varies between 3,500 and 5,000 certificates per month. This important activity allows us to be up to date with the latest prices, which is often criticized for certain other concessions (they sometimes advertise € 140 and ultimately claim € 150 more). As the documentary flow between our dealerships and brands is very regular, documents often reach us 1 to 2 days faster than a dealership making only a one-off request. This allows us to save precious time for our customers.