The certificate of conformity

The COC (Certificate of Conformity) is a document that verifies conformity with the CE approved vehicle type certification to ensure the free transport of vehicles within the European Union, and its registration in accordance with standards. We can provide the certificate according to customs standards for the following vehicles to be exported to worldwide, and in this case the certificate can have many names.

A Certificate of Conformity is a document created by the manufacturer to certify that the vehicle complies with "EC type" approval. The document contains vehicle information, manufacturer identification number, Marketing Authorization Number, descriptions and other details, the content of the certificate is defined in the EU Directive (Article IX of Directive 92/53) and it can be written in any language of an EU country.

European certificate of conformity :

The Certificate of Conformity, or COC, is the document you need to register an imported vehicle using the French ANTS system. This certificate, issued by the manufacturer, attests that the vehicle complies with European standards when it leaves the factory and complies with the CE marking of this process. It is assumed that your car can be transferred to the European Union and Switzerland as well as Andorra, otherwise you will be provided with a different certificate of conformity or non-conformity, thanks to which you can pass a technical control can switch your vehicle to DREAL

Euro certificate is the best choice to get certificates of conformity for different types of vehicles. We can provide you with COCs for passenger cars, as well as small commercial vehicles (and even cars without a license!) Your COC, certificate of authenticity issued by Euro-certificate, allows you to import a vehicle purchased from the abroad in Europe, but also to export your vehicle to the French overseas departments and territories, for example.

Euro-certificate offers a 20-person registration service, which can help you ensure that your vehicle complies with European standards. The certificates of conformity we provide are guaranteed to be 100% genuine and watermarked, which will be used in your registration file for your vehicle registration card. This is an important part of obtaining a new registration card. Do you have any help? Looking for more information? Do not hesitate to contact the Euro-certificate experts!

At the top of our website you will find a search engine that will help you determine the cost of certificates according to the type of vehicle, its age, the type of certificate required as well as the departure and arrival zoning. Be sure to fill in the required fields to get the most accurate estimate. Euro-certificate always pays attention to time and we always guarantee to get it as soon as possible.

At Euro-certificate, we deliver certificates for European agreements but also for the whole world.